Terms & Conditions

The only permissible legal use of The Exploding Targets is for non-commercial purposes as a shot indicator. As a binary explosive, it constitutes a pre-packaged product consisting of two separate, unmixed components. When combined, the resulting product constitutes highly explosive material subject to numerous Federal, State, County and Municipal regulations regarding the use, manufacture, transportation, storage and/or sale of this material, including but limited to 27 CFR 555.11, et. seq., and therefore must not be used, manufactured, transported, stored or sold without proper endorsements and/or by any “prohibited person” as defined by 18 USC §922(g). By mixing The Exploding Targets binary targets, you are deemed to be a manufacturer of an explosive and therefore assume any and all associated regulation and liability inherent in such designation. By purchasing this product, you hereby expressly acknowledge and affirm your consent and understanding of both the dangers and risks inherent in possessing and/or using this material as well as the laws and regulations thereof, and hereby release The Exploding Targets from any and all liability regarding any such regulation, possession and use therefore. Be advised that various states, counties and local municipalities regulate binary targets differently, and some may limit and/or prohibit your possession and/or use of The Exploding Targets. Some states and counties, including but not limited to counties located in the State of California, require an explosive or destructive permit to use and/or possess The Exploding Targets; accordingly, you must thoroughly review and follow all federal, state, county, and/or municipal laws, regulations, permit and/or license requirements as well as any and all potential restrictions and conditions in your area which may prohibit and/or limit the possession and use of The Exploding Targets. It is your responsibility to be knowledgeable of and obtain all proper licenses, permits and/or permission(s) required in order to use The Exploding Targets, and you are encouraged to contact state and local law enforcement agencies prior to your use to obtain all necessary permits and/or information whether in mixed or unmixed form.

Possession and/or use of binary targets can result in serious injury, death, dismemberment and/or fire. You are advised to exercise extreme caution in the handling and use of these targets, you assume the dangerous risks associated therewith and expressly release The Exploding Targets from any and all liabilities resulting therefrom. Keep away from any and all combustibles, fire and flame. To ensure proper mixture, open container and pour both white and grey materials into the large zip lock bag included in the packaging. Do not transport or store the material once mixed, as numerous Federal, State, County and Municipal regulations expressly prohibit such use once mixed - targets must be shot immediately upon mixing. Close the ziplock bag without removing excess air and mix with a gentle rocking motion for at least 90 seconds. Once a uniform gray color has been achieved, pour the mixture into the included container, secure lid and carefully place target on a flat surface that is at least 100 yards downrange and away from any combustible material. Never place target underneath, inside or on top of any object, metal, rock, or other surface that could produce flying debris or sparks.  Such use is extremely dangerous and prohibited. Be sure to use in a remote area and in a manner that is respectful to others around you. When used properly, The Exploding Targets should not start a fire; however, the United States Forest Service forbids all use of binary targets on federal land when a Special Fire Order is in place, and some states, counties and municipalities may place additional limits and/or restrictions of use during times when fire danger is elevated. Please be knowledgeable and respect all such land-use regulations prior to use.

By using this product, you confirm your knowledge and assent to all of these terms and conditions. You confirm that you are at least 21 years of age, are not a prohibited person as defined by 18 USC §922(g), are solely responsible for all use and/or misuse of this product, assume full responsibility for any damages, liability, injury and/or prosecution arising out of such use and fully and forever release The Exploding Targets from any and all such damages, liability, injury and/or prosecution.

Exploding Binary Targets