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What are Exploding Targets?

Exploding targets are formed when mixing two compounds (prills and catalyst) and form an exploding binary target. Neither of the two compounds (prills and catalyst) are explosive until these two compounds are mixed together.

Are exploding targets safe?

Exploding targets are safe if used correctly and following all provided instructions. Safety is our number 1 goal:
◦ Place exploding targets at least 200 yards down range.
◦ When placing targets, DO NOT sit directly on dirt or rocks. Elevate your products. Placing on the ground can result in serious injury from rocks or debris flying back at you.
◦ Always wear eye protection.
◦ Be sure to shoot in a safe location and free from brush or bushes. Always follow general fire order which may be in effect.
◦ Always respect local noise ordinances and respect local neighbors.

How to store exploding targets?

• Store your targets at room temperature and in a safe and dry location.
• NEVER mix your targets and store targets. All targets should be stored in a two-compound method and only mixed at range or when ready to shoot.
• NEVER transport targets once mixed. This is illegal and users should follow all state and local laws.

What products does Exploding Targets offer?

Center Fire Targets - Our center fire targets come in ½lb, 1lb and 2lb, 4lb, 20lbs and 50lbs. Each product comes in its own container and sealed until ready for use. In the package you will find prills and catalyst. Our products require a center fire caliber of 2,000 feet per second or faster.